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TITAN specializes in the corporate sectors of health and safety also conducted by experienced & qualified personal, driver training, first-aid and fire training tender projects, remote-site work, cross border ventures, specialized equipment and supplies, automotive transportation.

Since our inception in October of 1990, TITAN has created a resolute heritage of proficiently advanced work ethics, authentic business conduct and genuine transparency. These values are constantly upheld in accordance with our revered vision to develop specialized business solutions and services which entice continuous positive growth.

We materialize innovative ideas and marketing strategies as a professional establishment through relentless evolution. TITAN is self-assured through prediction, confident in preparation and driven by success to strive toward a legacy of inspired excellence.



Teaches the first responder evacuation techniques & methods, principles of emergency care as well as competent emergency management skills. Course content is regulated by the department of labour.
Principles of First-Aid, Artificial Respiration, One Rescuer CPR, Choking, Wounds & Bleeding, Shock, Unconsciousness & Fainting ,Head & Spinal Injuries, Fractures, Burns.
Principles of First-Aid, Artificial Respiration, One Rescuer CPR, Choking, Wounds & Bleeding ,Shock, Unconsiousness & Fainting, Head & Spinal Injuries, Fractures, Burns, Joint Injuries & Rescue Carries, Chest, Hand & Eye Injuries, Pelvic & Abdominal Injuries, Child & Infant Resuscitation, Environmental Illnesses & Injuries, Poisoning Bites & Stings, Chest Pain & Paralysis, Fits, Management of Foreign Objects, Soft Tissue Injuries, Anatomy & Physiology.
Introduction to Fire Fighting, How Fires Start, Triangle of Combustion, The Concept of Fire Fighting, Methods of How Fires Spread, Fire Extinguishers & Fire, Extinguishing Media, Fire Prevention & Fire Safety, Procedures in the Event of a Fire, Practical Fire Fighting.
Introduction to Fire Fighting, Practical Fire Hose, Blindfold Obstacle.
Through a centralized point of contact, we offer complete, effective and efficient remote site emergency services and solutions. Aggressively structured programs, strategic business partners and experienced management enable a network of capabilities to provide a full turnkey service within the medical field of expertise. TITAN is dedicated to the highest standards of professionalism and sustainable business functions. Our visionary approach provides the perfect environment to generate cost effective strategic business plans and solutions.

Mobile Clinics, Environment Awareness, Evacuation, Emergency Response, Training, Remote Site Management, Equipment & Logistics.


A skills development initiative & fundamental safety requirement of any business model. Workable data is converted into measurable and realistic assessments, which can then be utilised for real life application to improve driver knowledge, capabilities and skill. Driver training provides an infrastructure from which risk can be managed, incidents tracked & controlled inclusive of the behavioural tendencies of a particular individual.
An integral part of corporate safety procedures & protocol. Measurable data can be obtained through extensive driving techniques & thorough training regimes. This is a theoretical based approach covering all parameters of PRO-Active Driving, which can be put into practise so that managers, business owners, employees & individuals have access to valuable information. Defensive driving proves to be beneficial & effective when looking to generate positive reinforcement within the corporate sectors.
An advanced form of driver training where individuals learn to take deliberate action through loss of control exercises. A thorough understanding of condition appreciation enables drivers to gain knowledge of their capabilities, learn to anticipate outcomes, develop new techniques and ultimately remain calm in stressful circumstances. Mechanical aspects of the vehicle is also a central focal point of the day.
A Fresh new take on Defensive Driver Training. Our approach is all about having ‘butts in seats’ with an extensive focus on driver skill, finesse & understanding. Reaction time is greatly reduced as drivers learn to anticipate hazards and more importantly how to identify them. Theory modules are completed with majority of the course being practical sessions.
A comprehensive understanding of vehicle performance, basic mechanical knowledge and fundamental safety necessities will enable individuals to utilize vehicles to its full potential. Through various 4×4 disciplines individuals become familiar of the driving system & alert of the vehicles true capabilities. Recovery techniques can also be included upon request as it is a specialized module. One day course (Theory & Practical Assessments & Demonstrations)
Mental skills which are required to survive life threatening situations cannot be learned through trial and error. A clear understanding of your actual risk, how the industry works in its entirety, inclusive of the history and recent developments as well as what prevention strategies can be utilized to defend oneself. The application of techniques which can be implemented will also be covered.
Seamless nationwide vehicle transportation solutions to ensure peace of mind. Our integrated system allows for a steadfast and efficient service whilst ensuring competitive, cost effective rates between Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Durban and other major cities. Experience our value added service today.


Consumables, Medical & Fire Supplies & Specialised Equipment

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Visions, Missions and Goals

Passion is a state of mind, a somewhat euphoria which drives us to maintain strong, open communications with our revered clients, essential business partners and people our services include and effect. Through unremitting consistency we strive to enhance strong brand recognition whilst generating top of mind awareness within our parameters of expertise. Experience at any stage of a process is highly sought after, a notion we relentlessly pursue to provide in recognition that it forms a pivotal role in communicating the value of a brands product or services.
The engine room of TITAN performs seamlessly with three fundamental components, namely support, report and focus.

We are engaged around the clock to provide effective, timeous support under strenuous time constraints ensuring the ability of clients to confide in our professionalism and operational expertise. The encouragement of focus, teamwork and a centralized approach aligns efforts toward a common definition of profitable success. This emphasizes the importance of industry leadership, which can be measured through the satisfaction of our clients, business partners and employees.

Regular reporting, progress analysis, detailed summaries, recorded data and traceable programs are communicated frequently and when necessary to ensure that the scope of work remains accurately ranged with budgeting and completion dates.
We aggressively structure programs, courses, management and services to operate efficiently in satisfying demand requirements through a brand specific modelling mix. Authentic transparency forms the core of our six stage plan to accelerate development of experiences, services and products that consumers want and value.

A legacy of inspired excellence is what formulates our approach in creating value at each stage of client’s needs and wants.
A centralized turnkey approach is embodied at the heart of major goals, objectives and initiatives that our clients wish to achieve. TITAN prides itself on the sum of all components and resources which are utilized to create an experience greater thereof – synergy.

Pioneered revolution is a process we utilize to enhance ownership of specific focal points which have been aligned to generate measurable targets. Simply put, a traceable plan is worked from the finish line back to the starting point in order to provide an overall direction that includes specific development plans, protocols and procedures.